Zou er een Mustang op de maan staan ?


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Zou er een Mustang op de maan staan ?

Berichtdoor McQueen » vr 07 mar, 2008 12:32

Zou er een Mustang op de maan staan ?
Volgens dit berichtje zou dit dus wel degelijk kunnen !
Geen GT 350 maar dus een ET 350 :wink:

Weird Science: ET350

Is there a Shelby on the moon? It’s possible. Shop foreman Bob Wyatt, in an interview in The Shelby American, is quoted as saying, “We worked on the moon buggy to the east of the production shop. That has never been made common knowledge. Security was tight.”

Wyatt never learned if the buggy they worked on was the one that landed on the moon and is still up there today.

Mission Control missed a good opportunity. They could have painted it with blue LeMans stripes and called it the ET350.

Urban Legend: Shelby American Helped Develop The Lunar Landing Module

With security so tight on the buggy, it makes us wonder if the craft that landed Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin Jr. on the moon in 1969 didn’t have some Shelby American roots. This is a story that might be more than urban legend—it could be true.

Bernie Kretzschmar, a race shop mechanic at the Shelby American facility on Imperial Highway at Los Angeles Airport, told us this story.

“One day, while working in the race shop, we spotted a strange craft in the lot over the fence to the west of us. The Air Force or whoever it was, towed in this kind of thing that had a jet engine, a seat, and four legs. The Air Force fired it off a couple times. It was being tested. The Air Force finally got it off the ground about 10 feet, and it did fly over our fence and over the race area.”

Kretzschmer remembers the craft was quite unstable and they were waiting for it to crash. The pilot got control of the contraption, landed, and it caught fire. He believes it was the “mule” for NASA’s lunar landing module, but the race shop where he worked did not build or test it.
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